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$500 in Bitcoin

$500 in Bitcoin

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In Stock BTC

Only available for SBR Pro users.

You will receive exactly $500 in bitcoin at the time your order is fulfilled by SBR.

The price at will be used to determine the value of the bitcoin sent at the time the order is fulfilled. Mining/transaction fees not covered.

How it Works

1. Join SBR Forum.
Create an account at SBR Forum, the internet's largest online sports betting community.

2. Accumulate Betpoints & Turn SBR Pro.
SBR Pro members receive unrestricted access to the SBR Store, the SBR Sportsbook, Poker Room, and exclusive cash contest eligibility. All it takes is a $100 charitable donation or a renewal with 3,000 betpoints. Read more about Betpoints.

3. Exchange your betpoints balance for bitcoin.
Click add to cart, provide your bitcoin payment address, and complete the checkout process. Your bitcoin will be deposited within 48 hours.

To learn more about bitcoin & how to acquire the digital currency, visit the Sportsbook Review bitcoin page.